The park is being proposed to be located on seven acres at the south end of the Little Lake Property. It would include the following:


  • It would be fenced (6’), and we are asking for 7 acres to include parking, extension of the Arcata Marsh trail, and potentially a separate fenced agility space.

  • It would include clear, large signage with rules and regulations

  • The surfaces would be decomposed granite, grass, sand, or wood chip or some combination

  • The park would have a large (3 acres) and small (2 acre) fenced area, each with the following:

    • Two-gate entrances for safety

    • Self-filling water stations for the dogs

    • Dispensers with bags for dog waste disposal

    • Trash cans

  • We propose the following optional, but desired features:

    • Benches for owners

    • Sheltered area for owners in case of rain

    • Toilet facilities for dog owners







What would the Arcata Dog Park look like?  Check it out! 


The group presented a plan to the City Council.  Check it out for an aerial depiction of what the park could be!

What does the site look like now?

Mary Burke, Friends of the Arcata Marsh Board President, and Sandy Scott, Executive Director of the Arcata Chamber of Commerce, wrote letters in support of the dog park proposal:  Mary Burke's letter and Sandy Scott's letter. Please take a moment to read them and share them with others.

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