Yes, Virginia, it's true.  There is no poop fairy...






The Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary is a sensitive environment.  Dogs are allowed on leash at the marsh, and their humans are told to please pick up after their dogs, using the poop bags and trash cans provided throughout the area, to preserve the health of the wildlife who are the marsh's residents.  Unfortunately, some human companions cling to the belief that there is indeed a poop fairy who will magically appear to whisk away dog poop.  It is a sad fact that the poop fairy is a myth.


However, Arcata Dog Park volunteers go to the marsh on a regular basis and clean up many pounds of dog poop.  It's a great public service they perform, much appreciated by the marsh staff, residents, and hikers.


On 6-16-2015, Pam Brown was spotted with a bucket and a huge bag of dog poop.  She's not the poop fairy, (remember:  there is no poop fairy), but she is a wonderful friend of the marsh and its residents. 

The moral of the story?  Please clean up after your pup.  Thank you!


Would you like to volunteer for a Poop Patrol?  Contact Pam - or just grab a bag and walk the marsh, on the lookout for the ever-present dog poop. 

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