Summertime update on the Arcata Dog Park!


"Woof, woof….so much fun this summer, playing at Hiller Park in McKinleyville, swimming at the beach, walking in the Community Forest, jumping into the river, and just laying around in the shade to cool off from the hot days!" We hope everyone and their best friends are enjoying themselves.


We really wanted to touch base even though there’s not much to report on the progress of the Arcata Dog Park. We continue our monthly meetings with Karen Diemer, City Manager. Brett Watson, City Council member, has joined those meetings, as he wanted to advocate for the dog park, too. Council member Paul Pitino continues to be supportive. We are still waiting on the toxicity studies, clean up plans if needed (e.g. where in Little Lakes a clean up may be required, what the level of toxicity is,etc.). Our focus continues to be on Little Lake Property by the Arcata Marsh, and we stay active in caring for this area.

Humboldt Pet Supply staff and volunteers (which include folks from our working group) have been doing scheduled patrols to pick up dog waste that is left behind on the paths at the marsh. We monitor one of the doggie waste stations at the marsh too. So while there’s not much to do in terms of progress toward beginning construction, we remain active in as many ways as possible so that the Arcata Dog Park remains on the minds of city council members - and we hope on your mind too.

We know summer is an active time, but if you find yourself with a few extra minutes, it always helps a lot to contact any or all of the city council members (email addresses and phone numbers are on our website). Just one email to all council members won’t take more than a minute. Even saying, “I support the Arcata Dog Park to be located at Little Lake Property” will make a biog difference in the long run when it’s time for decisions to be made by our city. Heck, this could be a monthly email you might send.

We continue to receive questions and offers to volunteer from folks who visit the website. THANK YOU!! A big shout out to those folks and all of you who continue to be a part of our efforts to get a great dog park here in our city. We’ll be in touch again this fall.


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