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Hello, everyone! We’re excited to announce a new update regarding the Arcata Dog Park! For those unaware, the Arcata Dog Park is a community project spearheaded by the Arcata Dog Park Working Group trying to bring a fenced leash-free small and large dog park in Arcata located adjacent to the Arcata Marsh on the Little Lake property. This project has been going on for a few years now, and we’re excited to bring you the latest info on the ongoing progress. In one of our previous updates, we reported that the land that may potentially be used for the dog park needed to go through sampling for harmful chemicals present, such as dioxin. At the time, a sampling plan needed to be approved and then followed through. Now nearly a year later, we’re happy to announce that the sampling plan has been accepted, and samples have been taken. Samples were taken last Monday and are being analyzed now. We are hoping to know results by April 1st. This is a huge step in the process of making a dog park in Arcata a reality. Now is the time to call and let Arcata city council members know that that we would like to have the Little Lake property designated as the Premiere Destination Arcata Dog Park! We ask anybody interested in supporting the dog park in Arcata to call or email any or all of the following council members and share with them your enthusiasm for the dog park! Here at Humboldt Pet Supply, we will soon be restocking our Arcata Dog Park support bumper stickers available for free to anyone wanting to support the cause! We will send out an update once they are available.

Arcata City Council Members: Brett Watson Mayor Phone: 707-822-5953

Michael Winkler Vice-Mayor Phone: 707-822-1857 Susan Ornelas Council Member Phone: 707-826-2722 Sofia Pereira Council Member Phone: 707-633-8015 Paul Pitino Council Member Phone: 707-822-2556

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