Important Update!

We have news regarding the progress on the dog park! As of the writing of this update, the sampling of the Little Lakes property has been completed and analyzed, for all but one area that needs resampling. We have been told that we should receive the full report on all testing within five weeks, according to David Loya, the Director of Community Development.

With this report imminent, the time has come to reinvigorate all our efforts to make the Arcata Premiere Destination Dog Park a reality. There are several other parties interested in the same location, so we really need to have our voices heard. It’s time to really start pushing our plan and letting the Arcata City Council know that we want the Little Lakes property to be the location of the dog park. As we have done in the past, we ask again that those of you who want a safe location for your dogs to play to call up as many of our council members as you can and let them know that we want a dog park.

Below is a map of the area we would like designated for the dog park, as well as a list of proposed features. We have also provided the contact information to our City Council Members and hope many of you call and spread the word! We also have supporter stickers available at Humboldt Pet Supply free of charge.

The park is being proposed to be located on seven acres at the south end of the Little Lake Property. It would include the following:

  • It would be fenced (6’), and we are asking for 7 acres to include parking, extension of the Arcata Marsh trail, and potentially a separate fenced agility space.It would include clear, large signage with rules and regulations

  • The surfaces would be decomposed granite, grass, sand, or wood chip or some combination

  • The park would have a large (3 acres) and small (2 acre) fenced area, each with the following:

  • Two-gate entrances for safety

  • Self-filling water stations for the dogs

  • Dispensers with bags for dog waste disposal

  • Trash cans

  • We propose the following optional, but desired features:

  • Benches for owners

  • Sheltered area for owners in case of rain

  • Toilet facilities for dog owners

Arcata City Council Members:

Michael Winkler, Mayor -, 822-1857

Brett Watson -, 822-8018

Susan Ornelas-, 826-2722

Paul Pitino -, 822-2556

Sofia Pereira,, 633-8014

Thank you!

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